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Have your carpets lost their original softness, and style, or been damaged by pets, people, or water issues? Restoring your interior’s good looks and flooring performance is our passion. Whether you’re searching for a new stain-resistant carpet installation, or you simply need an affordable carpet repair, our carpet contractors bring over 30 years of experience to every helpful service. 

Proudly serving both residential, rental properties, and commercial clients in Atlanta, GA, you can find your next carpet improvement with Casey Carpet Services. We source our carpets from leading producers that offer more color variety, diverse fiber styles, and sturdier designs.

Carpet installation services in Atlanta, GA

When you partner with our carpet repair and installation experts in Atlanta, GA, our carpet company hopes to earn and maintain your trust with customer-first benefits, like:

We Also Offer Carpet Repair & Restretching Services in Atlanta

Before recommending an avoidable carpet replacement, our carpet contractors will clearly outline if a cost-effective carpet repair and restretching service are more appropriate. We also provide an all-inclusive turnkey service to ensure your carpet services are one seamless and simple process.

Carpet repair in Atlanta

When Should You Consider a Carpet Repair or Carpet Stretching?

Oftentimes, if a section of carpeting has been damaged by pets, permanently stained, or worn down over time, we can provide a seamless sectional replacement with professional style/color matching. Our carpet repair and restretching services are also appropriate for many property issues like water damage that can affect the integrity of the carpet. If you notice carpet wrinkling, lumping, and visible sections that have separated from the tack strip (where the edge of the carpeting is fastened), our experienced carpet stretching service is the easiest sure way to restore and prolong the useful life of the carpet.

Always remember to have your carpet restretched BEFORE cleaning- this will ensure a flat and smooth surface for the cleaning chemicals to take effect.

Major benefits achieved from carpet stretching services include:

While we’re there restoring your carpets’ original beauty and utility, feel free to ask about other areas of your home or business we can help with. While carpet installation is what we’re known for, we also offer luxury vinyl, laminates, and high-end hardwood flooring in Atlanta, GA. We can easily coordinate our latest styles with a new interior theme, and elevate your property value with longer-lasting quality.

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Included with our full-service carpet installation services in Atlanta, we also provide complete assistance with bulky furniture movement and old material removal. We hope to simplify your life with our all-in-one carpet installation services and guarantee clean, punctual, and careful practices.

We’ll walk you through a limitless variety of styles, compare our pricing in detail, and arrive on time for every carpet installation in Alpharetta, GA with the tools and expertise required to complete your next update in less time. 

Give our experienced team in Atlanta a call at (770) 419-9158, and allow our professionals to bring out the best in your floorplan today!